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Self Build & Self Employed Mortgages Explained

Perhaps you have thought many times how someone who is “self-employed” can get a mortgage or if they can? Usually, you would find the standard requirement of applying for a loan involves showing proof of work such as your payslip. You may also ask yourself, what happens if your payslip comes from you due to being self-employed?

Self-Employed Application Guidelines

It has become easier to follow the application guidelines as a self-employed individual. For automated underwriting, applications in most cases require only one year's income as proof of your income for the application.

Lenders now use this way of calculating income for business owners who have a medium to a little history of profit. These recent loan guidelines are better for those individuals who “moonlight”. Those having side gigs might not always have to verify this income if they qualify using only their day job.

Choosing your lender

There are certain lenders where the “self-employed” will find it a little bit easier to get a mortgage. Go to SmartMortgagesUK for more information. In the meantime, keep working on being organized with your finances and keeping track of your income. This will certainly help you when applying for a home mortgage.

What lenders look for

Here are the things that most home lenders will be looking for:

  • Income stability
  • Location as well as the nature of your business
  • The financial strength of your business
  • The capacity of your business to produce adequate income in the future.

Get The Right Advice

As someone who is self-employed, it is possible to get you that mortgage that you need to finance your plans. Mortgages get approved for most people, to get your initial assessment of your status also will determine your outcome.

Be careful of an untrained advisor because they may get your income statements wrong.

You can use a Broker

A broker who specializes in self-employed mortgages can give you a head start. Traditional lenders can, in contrast, undermine your mortgage affordability and even sometimes your application.

Go to SmartMortgagesUK for more information.

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