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Which are the Best Banks for First Time Home Buyers

Buckinghamshire building society mortgage for homeowners in England and Wales, have mortgage loans who offer first-time buyers that allow you to borrow up to 100 percent of the value of the home.

Your parents or grandparents will use up to 60 per cent of the equity of their house to guarantee the mortgage by getting a fee put on it. You may still opt to have a period of up to 40 years on a mortgage.

To serve as insurance on the loan, the Family Springboard mortgage from Barclays requires family or friends to set together any of their savings to the value of 10 percent of the property price. You will then proceed without their help on the mortgage, money is sent back after five years with interest.

The Family Assist mortgage from Tipton & Coseley Building Society incorporates the qualities of mortgages from Buckinghamshire and Barclays. For 20 percent of the amount you are investing, your family will either get a fee levied on their property or put aside 20 percent of their savings.

Best for speciality mortgages

Impaired credit mortgage lenders, If you have an adverse credit background because, for example, you have made lease, loan or credit card payments. Or have county court rulings against you for not paying off loans or have become bankrupt, your choice of mortgage lenders would be more limited.

Many conventional lenders would also lend to individuals with poor credit and they are willing to consider various levels of credit issues.

These are some of the examples of significant creditors claim they will consider or disregard when reviewing your credit history:

Coventry Building Society

  • If you're not a first-time consumer, you'll be bankrupt if you've been discharged for at least six years.
  • If you're not a first-time customer your agreement was done at least six years ago, an IVA (individual voluntary deal) an agreement you make with your creditors to pay off your debts over time.
  • On a case-by-case basis, county court judgements more than three years old are only considered.


  • On a case-by-case basis only, County Court decisions that are older than three years can be considered.
  • County court decisions dating back more than six years.


  • Bankruptcy, if you have been discharged for more than three years.


  • Whether it was more than six years old, order for bankruptcy or an IVA.
  • Applicants that have in the past skipped unsecured loan payments will be considered.

If you have more serious credit issues, you will need to go to a specialized lender who primarily caters to persons with a bad credit background.. talk to a mortgage adviser, in order to locate one who is willing to lend to you.

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