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Buy a New House in London 2021

The five main priorities that customers want have been identified by a London agency after a review of its database. The continuing threats faced by the global pandemic, the way homebuyers think and behave has undeniably affected the lockout.

We find some massive changes in attitude when it comes to the goals and the wish list of customers looking to switch houses or purchase a new home in London, according to Clynton Nel, residential director at JOHNS&CO

It says that the aspirations of buyers are based on inquiries through the seven offices of the agency in the capital,
  • Outdoors Space, Nine Elm Agency's office registered a 200% rise in the number of customers seeking private outdoor space.
  • Tranquillity, a growing number of buyers are challenging the amount of noise in the rest of the building, particularly the living room, as this is used more often during daytime hours. The agency claims that one buyer in a new construction came similar to exchanging on an apartment, but after lockdown changed his mind and picked a different property further from the street on the other side of the house.
  • Room to Work, "Unsurprisingly, space to work efficiently from home has also become a new must-have among London buyers." For too many individuals having to work in bedrooms or living rooms surrounded by other members of the household, it has been essential to have a dedicated office.
  • Facilities: JOHNS&CO notes a rising need for projects that provide a range of on-site amenities in the new construction market. Purchasers have been inspired by questions over area lockdowns to explore what is on sale around their houses. Currently, the most desired facilities are communal workspaces, so projects that provide a spot outside the apartment for tenants to come and work are joint. Gyms, swimming pools and lounges for tenants are also features that are demanded continuously.

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